Water soluble film

Water soluble film

Grounded's water-soluble film is non-toxic, marine safe and dissolves in seconds when added to hot water. Made from PVOH, the material is extremely biodegradable in aerobic (soil, compost, freshwater) and anaerobic (sewerage, some landfills) conditions. Breaks down into hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

The good?

  • Non-toxic and completely dissolves in hot water, leaving no residue
  • One of the few materials available globally that is marine degradable
  • The material is also highly biodegradable in both home and industrial composting conditions
  • It does not use any fossil fuel in its manufacture

The bad?

  • It is more expensive than almost all other alternative flexible packaging materials
  • Functionally it is limited to uses with limited exposure to moisture or humidity (apparel bags etc)
  • It is manufactured primarily from synthetic materials

Products available in this material