Plantmade™ paper side gusset pouch

Grounded’s paper recyclable side gusset pouches are made using our renewable Plantcell™ technology. The laminate is designed to separate the paper from the bioplastic inner during the pulping process, making them suitable for kerbside recycling in the paper stream. Available in both high and low barrier options.

Minimum custom order quantity 10,000 units

Positive impact per 1000kg

fossil fuel removed

1000 kg

fossil fuel removed

carbon footprint reduced

1548 kgCO²

carbon footprint reduced

Production capability Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units Additional features: zipper, tear notch, degassing valve Lead times Production lead time: 35 days Sample lead time: 25 days Product specs Minimum width: 60mm Maximum width: 500mm Minimum height: 80mm Maximum height: 1800mm Minimum gusset: 25mm Maximum gusset: 80mm x 80mm Printing Print method: Flexographic, digital Colours: Pantone U and Pantone C, CMYK

Frequently asked questions

This is a great question and the answer is nuanced. They don't contain plastic as most people know it but they are made from bioplastic, which is technically a type of plastic. Grounded has a range of bioplastics that are made using our compostable Plantcell™ technology or our recyclable Sugarflex™ films and laminates.

Different packaging materials and formats have unique considerations. The Customisation section shows the dimension allowances for each product and range of film thicknesses in microns (µ); these two specifications determine volume and weight limits.
Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the MOQ for your product we can customise the size and print. For minimum and maximum dimensions for each product, check the Customisation section on the product page for more information on sizing.
Grounded has a range of different packaging formats available on our online store that are able to be purchased in smaller quantities. These have been designed for labels to be applied.
Global shipping lead times vary based on the shipping route, market demand and other external variables at a given time. For the latest shipping lead times please visit our latest global supply chain update.

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