Recycled content is of more variable quality than virgin material. The recycled material creates a speckled, grainy texture but does not effect print or packaging quality.
For each new custom packaging order, there may be tooling costs, which refer to cutting dies and printing plate use to print and cut your packaging. These costs are one-off, as your tooling can be used for future runs.
Print plates are used to print your designs onto your packaging material. Your designs are laser cut into the plate, with the negative parts of your image cut out so that the plates don't pick up ink. If your design uses multiple colours, there will be a different print plate for each colour. The printing plates are mounted to giant cylinders on the printing press and the plate runs through the ink and onto your packaging.
Due to production set up costs, it's not possible to combine different sizes or designs to meet the MOQ. For each product, the MOQ applies to one size or design.
MOQ is an acronym for Minimum Order Quantity. This refers to the smallest number of units of each SKU you can order for your custom packaging. Each product specifies the custom MOQ under the Customisation section on the product page.
Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the MOQ for your product we can customise the size and print. For minimum and maximum dimensions for each product, check the Customisation section on the product page for more information on sizing.