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Thermal Label

Both certified compostable and recyclable, the white eco-sensitive paper stock is suitable for use in scales and thermal printers

• Minimum order from 10,000 units
• Up to 2 colour flexographic print
• Lead time 15 days + shipping
• Custom dielines available

• Shipping Labels
• E-commerce

• Compostable and recyclable
• Suitable for use in numerous printers & scales
• All dimensions in cm

Ships worldwide

Sustainability Properties

All of Grounded’s products are vetted for quality and environmental impact. We are committed to full transparency around the sustainability qualities of each material or product we produce.

Non-toxic Inks

Inks derived from vegetable or other natural resources


A rotary print method that uses up to 30% less ink than alternative methods

Local Production

Produced within a 1,000km radius of the end user

Industrial Compostable

Biodegrades under industrial composting conditions into organic biomass


Able to be recycled through widely available municipal recycling programs

Grounded is committed to only using best in class materials that encourage innovation throughout the supply chain and allow businesses to move away from virgin plastics.

Eco Thermal

White eco-sensitive paper, suitable for use in scales and thermals. Compostable and recyclable


Grounded’s materials carry globally recognised certifications to ensure our customers can have full confidence in the sustainability credentials of each product and material we provide.

OK Compost Industrial

European certification for industrially compostable packaging

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